Dog-Friendly Flooring


Dogs have always been at the center of our family. Running around the house and the yard with the kids, chasing balls through the halls, lapping up water (or bathing in it) in their bowls, and getting some well-deserved love in the living room. 

But, as a family who not only owns a prominent design-build construction company, we are also lovers of design in our own homes. And if you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ll know they are pretty hard on your home--especially your floors.  We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ways to incorporate dog-friendly flooring into your home! 

Types of Flooring vs. Dog

  1. Tile


Tile is a wonderfully sleek option for flooring that is extremely scratch-resistant and durable. It’s also easy to clean! The downsides? Some stone may require more maintenance than others. Marble is one of the more high-maintenance stones. Tile can also be slippery and cold underfoot, and not as cozy for pups to lay down on. A nice fix for this is? Adding radiant heating to keep your toes and your space warm, while adding area rugs can warm up the space from a design perspective and add that sought-after “homey” look. 

Spain Pro Tip: Tile the mud area! 

You know, the entrance point of your house that your family actually uses. Tile this area and designate part of it to your pooch! Put their bowls here so the extra water sloshes onto a surface that is easy to clean and won’t stain or heavily damage from the extra H2O like wood or carpeting. 

2. Laminate


Laminate flooring is decorative, and comes in a wide variety of patterns and textures. Our favorites tend to be the mock-wood! Laminate flooring is hard and durable, and makes cleaning up after your furry friends nice and easy. It’s less expensive than wood, and a lot more water friendly. 

However, it can be  extremely slippery, which can be a safety concern if your pup is a water bowl scuba diver! The good news: Scuba Steve will get to play all he wants with the new waterproof and slip-resistant laminate options. 

3. Vinyl


Like Laminate, Vinyl is a great, affordable option for your home when pets are a priority.

Laminate offers many styles and textures to fit your taste. While cleaning up pet messes might be a breeze with laminate, it’s handicap lies in its likelihood to hold mold and mildew and curl at the seams.  

4. Carpet 


Carpeting is such a cozy trademark for homes, especially in bedrooms and closets. Not only cozy, carpeting is also a great way to ground your space, while giving your dogs a safe place to run around! Carpeting lets them turn corners, and keep traction under their paws. 

Accidents will be harder to clean from carpet. Our tried and true cleaner is Nature’s Miracle, but there are some stains that even this method can’t lift. Carpet is also enemy #1 for those who suffer from allergies, as it holds everything from dirt and dander to grass and pollen in its fibers. 

Spain Pro Tip: If your pooch is allowed upstairs, pick out a carpet runner for the stairs so they can come up and down without slipping. This also adds a level a warmth to the home, all while keeping your dog safe and sound. 

5. Wood 


Wood flooring is our personal favorite from a design perspective. But, it’s not always the most dog-friendly. We’ve found that harder, denser woods stand up better against wear and tear from pets. Light-stained wood floors are a great choice to stand up against scratches from the pitter patter of dog feet, big or small. 

Our favorite wood floors include: oak, bamboo, hickory, rosewood, walnut, teak, and cherry. 

*This blog post is dedicated to our beloved dogs who have made houses homes and brought immeasurable joy to our family throughout the years. Our current fur balls get their time in the limelight below! 

Maddie May : 14 (almost 15!) years and counting. A beagle mix with a whole lot of sass, this elderly lady loves sitting on the dock, sifting through the trash when no one is home, and long naps in the middle of the family chaos. She is our princess!


Maverick : 2 years young! Mav is as wild as they come. A German Shepherd with a need for speed, he has an affinity for water sports, long walks through the neighborhood, and kisses on the mouth. He’s the newest edition to our K-9 family and is the first DellaMea Grand-dog!